Bobbi DePorter, Featured Author

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Bobbi DePorter, Featured Author

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Bobbi DePorter, author of Quantum Success and 10 other books in her Quantum Success system, is president of the Quantum Learning Network, the umbrella organization responsible for SuperCamp, a global youth achievement program that catapults teens and young adults to excellence.

Bobbi grew up in Seattle, Washington. She describes herself as a shy kid with a quiet voice, afraid to speak up in class. At first she was content to follow the path of housewife and mother. But her launch to success began when she became conscious of "that persistent voice inside my head that kept telling me I was meant to do something beyond." Following that voice took her from depression to deep fulfillment—and from flat broke to international success.

Her first success came while working at Hawthorne/Stone, a high-octane real estate firm that ran on an unconventional business model. The company partner told her, "You have to make thirty-thousand dollars or more in commissions each year or you're not here." Her first day on the job, she made a contact that led to a sale that covered her quota for the year. Over the next few years, she built a net worth of two million dollars and became a junior partner.

Her experience at Hawthorne/Stone opened the door for a flood of success that followed. Because so many people were eager to work there, Marshall Thurber, a partner at Hawthorne/Stone, brought up the idea of creating a business school that would teach the principles that made it a success—a school where learning was fluid and dynamic, success effortless, and relationships the center of everything. In 1978, DePorter and Thurber opened the Burklyn Business School in Vermont. The school taught in six weeks what other schools taught over the course of two years.

During this time, Ms. DePorter studied with Bulgarian professor Dr. Georgi Lozanov, known in his own country as the father of accelerated learning. His teachings became a major influence and underpinning in Ms. DePorter's endeavors. Shortly afterward, an unexpected financial roller coaster ride caused her to lose her home and most of her possessions. Ms. DePorter writes, "As painful as they were, these losses helped frame my future…After I lost all my money, most of my possessions, and even a few of my friends, I still had myself. Today, I'm less afraid of losing, because I've lost it all before and I know I can get through it."

Bobbi DePorter survived, and so did the business school. Shortly thereafter, she and an associate created a program for youth pattered after the business school—a program that would help kids discover their greatness and learn skills to succeed in today’s quantum world. "All at once I understood. I was here to help kids, to make this happen for them. That was my spark, my personal aha." In July of 1982, SuperCamp opened its doors. The concept, which began on a shoestring, took off almost immediately. It spread to more locations across the country, and then took off overseas.

Today, Bobbi DePorter is president of the Quantum Learning Network, the umbrella organization for SuperCamp as well as an array of seminars, programs and products aimed at creating effective learning cultures in schools, businesses, families, and individual lives. Her newest book, Quantum Success, details the methods, life-truths, and principles of joyful, self-affirming excellence at the heart of Quantum Learning Network's programs.
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